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How do I set up an External Email Account in Gmail? – Manage your Email

11 de February de 2022

Gmail is the network that allows you to create your email and it is free, everyone can have it. Gmail offers you the creation of your email account in a very easy way and this account will be full of security for take care of the privacy of your data and personal information.

The benefits of having our Gmail account are what we will show you below. Pretty much any page or app you want to log in to will ask for your email. You can always have it open on your device, they will reach you security and recovery messages, you will be able to send files to people. By the way, you can unlink a recovery email in Gmail.

How to set up multiple external accounts to Gmail from a PC?

Many people wonder how have access to multiple accounts at the same time and be able to configure them at any time we want on our PC device, since this can be very useful to us. In case we are a person who depends a lot on Gmail and has several, or a family depends on the same PC and uses their Gmail.

And it is not necessary to explain how useful that is, since you can see how beneficial it can be for us, this is not really complicated at all. Next, we will show you that it is not and how to make it so manage our accounts to our preference:

  1. We have to open Google on our PC.
  2. At the top right just click on the profile picture.
  3. In the menu you can see an option called ‘Add account’
  4. In case it is not registered, just log in to the account you need, but if they have already entered it, it will appear there and you will only have to click on it. So you can manage multiple accounts on your PC in an easy way.

How to set up another email account to the Gmail mobile app?

Many of us have wondered how to manage multiple email accounts email on our mobile in the Gmail application. Although it may not seem like it or you may not believe it, this is a process that can be made very easy for you. Apart from being easy, it is something that will benefit you in many ways.

manage and set up email accounts on the same device it suits us if we all have sessions started with different emails. And we all know how important it is to have access to emails, since an important message can reach us. Next, we will see how to do all this:

  1. Access the Gmail application on mobile.
  2. Press the 3 stripes that are located in the upper left.
  3. Scroll down and tap settings.
  4. All the registered accounts will appear there and it gives you the option to add one if you want. In case you didn’t know, you can force Gmail to save my login details.

boy using cell phone

on an Android

To manage and set up multiple accounts on an Android device you just need to want to do it, because it’s actually something super easy and in a nutshell you can learn it in minutes.

Having several accounts on our device will be very useful if we are a person who uses several emails. And we know the great importance of power access our Gmail account when we need it. Next, we will see how to do all this:

  1. Go into the Gmail app on the Android.
  2. Inside the mailbox in Gmail press the 3 stripes that remain in the upper left.
  3. Head down all those options and tap on settings.
  4. All the accounts that have entered the Android device will appear there and it gives you the option to add an account if you want.

From iOS

Many carriers of iOS devices have the doubt of how to manage multiple gmail accounts on the device. In order to do so, you need to follow a certain process. Right now, we will see some steps that must be followed to achieve it:

  1. Go to the Gmail app.
  2. Press the 3 stripes that are located inside Gmail in the upper left.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the settings option.
  4. All registered accounts will appear and give you the option to add one if you want. In case you didn’t know, you can make your own BCC in Gmail automatically

person using iphone

What to do if an error message appears when linking accounts?

Many of us have tried link an account on our device and sometimes everything doesn’t work out, and from there we don’t know what to do, obviously. But there are some things we can do to fix this problem easily and without much hassle. Here are some things to fix:

  • Maybe you have entered the data wrong, check it and try again.
  • You have to put the key in a perfect way, not missing an uppercase or lowercase.
  • Maybe an app update problem. If so, uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  • The app may be very slow.

If you have any problems or questions about Gmail, go to Google’s support page. There you will clarify any doubt.