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How do I remove my Bitmoji Avatar from my Snapchat Account? – Set permissions

16 de February de 2022

Snapchat is an application which has become popular among the youth of the world, and especially in the United States. This application, launched for both Android and iOS mobile devices, meets the main objective of allowing the user share videos and photos quickly to your followers, while these will only be available for a certain period of time to be seen. Shared multimedia contents are also known by their followers as Snaps.

It is common among the community of Snapchat users that when using the application and creating videos and photos to post or send to other social or personal networks, they want greater customization. For this, people turn to link your snap to the Bitmoji appwhich works in conjunction with it, to create an animated avatar similar to the user, which can be used as stickers in publications.

What will happen if you unlink Bitmoji from your Snapchat?

Snapchat is an application which is designed so that its users are allowed send and share either images, videos and also messages, which are known as a complement, this content sent will only be available to those who receive it for a period of time, once that time is over it will not be accessible in any way. This is the main feature of the Snapchat app, which ensures a more natural interaction and flow within the app for its users.

This application has an interface focused on photos and videos, as it has a story area that is available to followers, these are ordered chronologically when they are published, regardless of the published content, it will be deleted after a certain time. In addition to this, it also has an area or tab called “Discovery” in which various content can be found. To properly accommodate these features, Snapchat has tools to enhance Instant Snaps.

Snapchat’s various filters are the main tool for creating photos and videos, as well as being the reason why the application became very popular. In addition to the filters, users usually link the Bitmoji application to their Snapchat, with this application they have the opportunity to create an avatar of themselves, they can use it as stickers either in the photos or videos created from Snapchat, It also has a keyboard which can be activated to access the Stickers from other applications

You won’t be able to use it to react or stickers on your Snaps

By linking the Snapchat app together with the Bitmoji app, users will have new features when creating their Snaps, because they can create an avatar of themselves, they can use it either in their videos or photographs. Thanks to Snapchat, people have obtained a new way of communicating, since they can send messages with Snaps in which your sticker appears doing some of the various activities such as singing, and once it is opened by the recipient, it cannot be seen again.

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In addition to being able to use your personalized avatar with your characteristics and style in Bitmoji, by being linked to the Snapchat application you will get the benefit of Friendmoji, which is access to new personalized stickers in conjunction with a friend who is nearby and who also Count on these apps. Additionally, it has a keyboard which can be activated to use these stickers in other applications.

But what if the Snapchat user no longer wants to keep their account linked with Bitmoji? Well this is the answer, You will no longer have access to the Stickers customized when you create your Snaps. However, you could still use the app independently.

How can you unlink between both applications?

In the event that users ever make the decision that they do not want to keep their Snapchat account linked to their Bitmoji account, can unbind in two different ways, using the one that is easier for them. These are:

From the Snapchat control

To unlink both apps from the Snapchat app you have to follow the following steps: first you must enter the Snapchat application, click on the settings icon that is in the upper right, in the tab of my account click on Bitmoji, now click on the option to Unlink my Bitmoji and then a panel will appear in which you must confirm that you want to unlink. And that’s it, the unlinking of Snapchat and Bitmoji will be done.

interface to delete an application

With Bitmoji settings

This method is a little more drastic, since it will not only unlink both applications, but also Bitmoji will also be removed previously created and customized, so it will no longer be available in the Snapchat app or elsewhere. So you will have to create a new avatar from scratch. To perform this action, the following steps must be carried out:

First, you must enter the Bitmoji application, then click on the settings icon represented by a gear In the upper left part, once inside, select the option to restore avatar and click on accept, and that’s it, the avatar created in Bitmoji is already opened from everywhere.

How to completely uninstall Bitmoji from your Android phone or iPhone?

To permanently remove the Bitmoji application from your mobile device, either from Android or iOS, it is as follows: on the home screen of the device, locate the application icon and hold it down until the option to uninstall appears (an X appears on iPhone) click on it and then confirm to delete the application permanently.