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How Do I Lighten or Brighten a Dark Video on Youtube – Step by Step

20 de January de 2022

YouTube is one of the best online platforms to watch videos of all kinds of content. YouTube creators always they try to upload content every day in order to maintain your audience and even to increase it. The quality of each of those videos must be considerable for people to enjoy watching it.

sometimes there is videos uploaded with low brightness or in low light, since when the video was recorded the person was in a place that was not very clear. Next, we’ll show you why some videos go dark after they’ve been recorded and how the video standards are changed to make them look lighter.

Why do some videos come out very dark after recording them?

Some videos come out dark after being recorded because the shooting location was dimly lit or a problem with the camera. Sometimes what happens is that the camera with which the video is recorded, had a bad setting, or the lens was dirty.

For things like these is that the videos come out dark once they are exported when recorded. Now, another reason why videos come out dark is because the player parameters are misconfigured or someone has modified it to make it look darker.

When recording a video, the person should stand in a place where there is plenty of natural light, or else stand in a place where there is enough artificial light produced by light bulbs. However, if you have a video that is dark you can try adjusting the parameters of the video so that it doesn’t look so dark.

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How do I modify the standards of my video to make it look clearer?

There is no need to re-record video that is a bit dark to make it look good or much better, with modify certain parameters It would be enough to make the video look better. Of course, by modifying these parameters, let’s not say that the video will be with immense clarity, but it will improve a great deal.

person modifying video

the two things that they must be adjusted in the parameters they are details with for example the brightness or also the contrast of the video. See how these kinds of things are modified, pay attention to the next two sub-topics.

Brightness adjustments

Brightness is something that can be adjusted in all multimedia videos without any problem. To make this kind of modifications, it is necessary to have a program that helps you to add these filters to the video and keep them. The best tool out there for doing this sort of thing is one called ‘Clideo’.

Clideo is an online tool specially created to adjust the brightness and the contrast of the videos. Whenever you want you can use this tool if you access your official website. Being inside the web tool, you must do the following to adjust the brightness of your video:

  1. Find the ‘Choose a file’ button and press it.
  2. Now, in the file manager, you are going to find the video you want to increase the brightness of.
  3. With the video already selected, the next thing is to look for a parameter called ‘Brightness’ that is located at the top of the details.
  4. By default, the dot will be in the middle, as it maintains the original brightness of the video. If you want to increase the brightness move that point to the right and select the amount of brightness needed.

person configuring something with his pc

Eye, in advance you must download youtube video to turn up the brightness, because this tool does not allow you to take videos from other platforms. It only allows you to import content from your device. Notably, with YouTube you can even automatically delete all of your search history.

Contrast Modifications

You already know how to add the video to the Clideo editing tool and how to brighten the video, what is missing is that learn to modify the contrast and save the changes. Pay attention to the following indications so that you learn how to do such things:

  1. Go to the parameters bar.
  2. Locate a parameter that says ‘Contrast’ which is below the ‘Brightness’ parameter.
  3. Increase the contrast of the video or lower it, so that the brightness of the video is not so intense.
  4. Finally, scroll down to decide what format you’ll export the video in. Click where it says ‘Export’, wait for it to transform and hit download to get it.