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How do I know if someone has blocked me on Viber?

2 de May de 2021

Viber is an important application for calls and video calls for a couple of years now, which today is used by those who want an easy solution to call family, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances. Today you will learn how I can tell if someone has blocked me on Viber.

Although the Internet is a space designed for the communication of ideas, thoughts and communicating directly with other people, there are also measures to control individuals with whom we do not want to talk. This is why there are solutions such as to block, something that is also present in Viber.

In any case, if you are new to this application, we recommend you install Viber totally free and try it, since it is positioned as one of the best Apps to make calls.

How can I know if someone has blocked me on Viber

Clearly Viber does not directly give the indications to know if someone has blocked you in the application, this for privacy issues. In any case, analyzing some aspects, it is possible to conclude that someone blocked you. Analyze this data to get the answer of whether you were blocked or not:

You can’t see their profile updates

Undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to verify if someone has blocked you in Viber is by viewing your profile. Most commonly, most people constantly update the information or photos in their Viber profiles. Analyzing some aspects you can find the answer if they have blocked you from the application.

When you are locked you will not be able to see profile updates After the moment in which that person blocked you, this means that if someone has decided to block you in Viber, you will only see the information before this.

Check carefully if it has been a long time since the last update of the profile of that person, a process that you can learn through the previous link. In this way you will be able to verify with a certain degree of security if someone has blocked you from Viber.

You do not receive delivery or view notifications

Another fairly common way to check if someone has decided block you on the Viber platform is checking delivery notifications. Through which you can conclude if a person has blocked you or not.

What you should keep in mind is that Viber usually displays a delivery or display notification in each of the messages you send. If delivery and display statuses never update, chances are you’ve been blocked by this person.

Evaluate interactions in group talks

Like many other messaging apps, Viber allows the creation of large groups, in which many people can participate. Similarly, you can use these groups to check if someone has blocked you.

If you notice that this person who you suspect is blocking you does not interact in the group. You can also write directly through the group chat messages. If he doesn’t respond, these could be indicative that he has blocked you from the platform.

In addition to this, another way in which you can check if you have been blocked is if it is impossible for you to see if the other person is chatting on Viber, something that you can corroborate by reading the previous guide.

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Talk to that person to find out if they have blocked you on Viber

The above methods may prove to be helpful in corroborate someone blocking you inside Viber. In any case they are not completely infallible, for this reason you should take into account something else to corroborate directly if you were blocked.

We refer to asking that person directly if they have blocked you, since this is the only way to verify 100% if indeed they have blocked you. The most common is that you do not want to talk to that person, but it is the best way to open up and know once and for all if they have blocked you.

Finally and if you have already done all the checks and in fact you were blocked, there is no choice but to delete said contact from Viber, a process that is fortunately easy to carry out.