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How can I work at Glovo without being freelance? – Glovo delivery men

27 de April de 2021

The Glovo company considers that its messengers or “Glovers” must be collaborators. In this sense, Glovo specifies a series of requirements that define the profile that its employees must have. If you wonder How can I work at Glovo without being freelance? – Glovo delivery men, in this article you will find the answer.

What is a self-employed worker?

A self-employed worker is a person who performs a lucrative work setting your own hours and organizing your available time.

Benefits of autonomy as a worker

The main benefit that freelance work offers is the freedom to choose your own hours. This allows you to organize your time based on your activities and your available time. Is flexibility it can be very opportune for those young people who are still studying but need to carry out an economic activity that generates some income.

Glovo LogoHow can I work at Glovo without being freelance? – Glovo delivery men

Glovo specifies a series of requirements to be able to work in this company. One of its rules stipulates that future “Glovers” or distributors are autonomous. However, you may be wondering if Glovo dealers are really freelancers or fake freelancers. For this reason, we present you with all the information you should know if you want to work at Glovo.

The issue of autonomy

Unfortunately, you will not be able to work at Glovo without being a freelancer. This is because the Self-Employed Registration It is an essential requirement established by the company. Glovo’s philosophy focuses on self-employed distributors so that they “collaborate” with the company.

Therefore, if you wish work at Glovo, it is necessary that you complete the registration in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) and make sure that you are regularizing your activity as a self-employed person. This requirement prevents you from working for other companies and forces you to work only for Glovo. Therefore, you need to find out how much money you can earn at Glovo before offering your job at this company.

There is no official contract

For Glovo, autonomy extends to purposes of the contract. The company does not want its distributors to have a direct relationship with it but to work as collaborators clarifying this term at the time they sign.

Therefore, Glovo delivery men do not have a fixed salary and when they receive their payment, a discount is made for the freelance fee and other obligations that “labor autonomy” entails.

The self-employment registration

The registration of self-employed is a requirement that some companies demand to exercise a specific position. In the case of Glovo, it is essential to have this attribute to be able to work as a delivery person or “Glover”.

Some companies take care of orient potential workers with the aim of advising them and preparing their self-employment registration in a timely manner and without obstacles.

The payment of the autonomy fee

Being a self-employed worker implies some responsibilities with Social Security and the Treasury. For this reason, pay a freelance fee and present tax forms in the Tax Agency that logically decrease the real income from salary.

Make business

How much do I have to pay when I am registered as a freelancer?

All Glovo company distributors must register as freelancers. This means that they must declare their income on the Income Declaration at the end of the tax year.

At a minimum, the payment is stipulated at 60 euros. From the first year, the figure increases to 142 euros and after a year and a half the payment increases to 200 euros. From the third year, the figure can increase to 283 euros. It should be noted that quarterly expenses must be added to this payment.

Is it worth being a dealer at Glovo?

Taking into account the requirements established by the company: autonomy, own vehicle, device with the Glovo App and the minimum age of 18 years, it is convenient that evaluate the expenses which entails the maintenance of your own vehicle, the payment of the autonomy fee and other responsibilities.

Also, you should check if you will get a adequate salary to your needs according to the time you have and your energy to be active during deliveries. In addition, booking Glovo hours based on preferences and availability also directly influences the value of that salary. Undoubtedly, the job as a delivery person at Glovo involves many elements that are worth analyzing.