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How can I watch Disney Plus on my Windows PC or Mac? (Example)

17 de June de 2021

Be able to say: I can see Disney Plus on my PC, it is not something from another world, it is in fact something simple to achieve if you have the correct operating system.

It is enough to know where to download Disney Plus to quickly How to enter or access Disney Plus without problems.

As well as Netflix or others, it has content of its own brand, such as Pixar, Marvel and other great audiovisual production films.

It is possible to download Disney Plus on the PC in many ways, being also very compatible with various OS, here is how to achieve it.

One of the main ways to view the content of this platform is through a web browser (preferably Google Chrome).

But first, you must register an account if you no longer have one, this can be achieved from the official Disney Plus page.

Which can be found by entering the browser and placing the name of the website in the search bar and pressing “Enter“Or in”Search with Google”.

In this way, it will show a page with the following advertisement as a result: “See all Disney content …”Which will be clicked.

There a presentation screen will appear in which you will see a blue button that says “Keep me informed“, Where the email will be entered.

From there you just have to follow the steps indicated and you can choose to have a trial account or pay the subscription, and having one or the other, the user will be able to see Disney Plus from the browser.

Get Disney Plus as an app on Windows

When you talk about “acquire”Is not necessarily referring to install, since there is no official application of this platform for Windows.

But, you can achieve a kind of App to see Disney Plus on the computer, all this taking advantage of the new PWA technology. Remember to solve or solve the problem of not being able to download Disney Plus.

What does PWA mean?

This same means in Spanish “Progressive Web Application”And allows you to convert a web page into an application that can be used from the computer.

Although, many people think that this is a shortcut, the truth is that it builds a whole well-established structure of the page.

In this way, gives the real feeling that you are working on a well developed application, which also work on any operating system.

How to create a Disney Plus PWA on Windows or Mac

The highlight of this technology is that, as already mentioned, can work on any computer system, be it MacOS or Windows.

What must be clear is that not all browsers out there have the ability to generate “Progressive Applications”.

Therefore, the ideal is to work with Chrome or Edge (in their latest versions) that do have this tool and will allow you to create the app with which you can watch Disney Plus on your computer.

How can I watch Disney Plus on my Windows or Mac PC

Having said that, it is best to use the Google browser, and to proceed, you must enter the main page of the platform.

In it, you must log in with the acquired account. After doing so, you have to go to the browser menu that is in the upper right.

There, at the bottom of it, you will find an option called “More tools”In which, by placing the pointer on top or clicking, it will show a submenu.

In it, the option that says “Create Shortcut”To create the PWA. It will then ask for a name to be assigned. Then, it occurs in “To create”.

In this way, the application will have been created and will be saved among the system programs to be used at the user’s convenience.