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How Can I Use Zoom On Cell Phone To Give Virtual Classes (Example)

4 de June de 2021

In these times when we must keep ourselves apart, it is of the utmost importance for all of us to keep in touch with our acquaintances and loved ones. In fact, continuing to study despite problems has become very important lately. For that reason, here we will help you to know the Zoom app and what it is for in these times.

There is no doubt that one of the best apps to achieve this is Zoom, since it allows us to make video calls in a totally free. That is why we teach you right here how to use Zoom on the cell phone to teach virtual classes quickly and easily.

How Zoom can be used to teach virtual classes

For those who are educators, staying in touch with their students is vital today. It does not matter the distance, telework it has become a vital part of everyone’s life. And it is not surprising, because with the most recent technological advances, you can make video calls or meetings with the Zoom app, to be in contact with whoever you want.

With Zoom, scheduling meetings and having interactive calls is totally possible and free. And unsurprisingly, Zoom has become a vital tool for today’s teachers and teachers.

How to enjoy Zoom from a cell phone to give virtual classes

The steps to enjoy Zoom from any cell phone are really simple and you will not regret following them to the letter.

All you have to do to give virtual classes through Zoom from your cell phone is:

  • Download the Zoom video call app Cloud Meetings from the store with which you have on your cell phone, for example Google Play.
  • Open the Zoom app and create an account so you can create and run your own meetings.
  • Login to the account you just created.
  • Once inside, select the option “New meeting“.
  • When you have created it, you can invite whoever you want by selecting the “Participants” option, and then selecting “Invite”.
  • Invite whoever you want, in this case your students.

That’s all! From that moment you can start teaching the virtual classes whoever you want, and enjoy all the variety of options offered by the wonderful Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

What tools does Zoom offer to teach virtual classes?

There are many special tools and options that Zoom Cloud Meetings provides to its users. These tools improve and make the virtual classes that you can give via video call much more entertaining and enjoyable.

Some of the new tools that Zoom Cloud Meetings offers to its users are:

  • Share your screen with a interactive board, another smartphone or mobile device, or even with the browser or some other tab that you can open on your cell phone.
  • If at some point it is necessary to mute someone, Zoom Cloud Meetings also provides that useful option.
  • You can add virtual backgrounds to your screen, using the ones that are pre-integrated to your Zoom account and also with the images you want to add.
  • Provide a live chat to share points and ideas that meeting members want to bring up.
  • You can clap or even give a thumbs up in the “Reactions” section, which you can use in this live meeting.
  • You can record the meeting if you wish, which can be very useful for students.
  • You may schedule meetings in advance to do them at the time you want. This way you can encourage students to prepare ahead of time for your future meeting.

As you may have seen, the different tools that Zoom Cloud Meetings offers to its users can be of great help for those who wish to continue working and helping despite current problems.

video call by zoom

And if you want not only to use your Android, but also your PC, because this app allows you to download Zoom on your Windows or Mac computer. This application is fully recommended and we encourage you to use it. We hope that all this information has been of great help to you and that nothing stops you from giving the online classes what you wish.