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How Can I Use or Use Zoom – Video Call App (Example)

7 de May de 2021

To feel connected with the social and work environment in these moments of estrangement, many have chosen to use Video conferencing app, here we will show you how you can use Zoom.

This web communication tool is leading the market so far in 2020, being especially useful and even indispensable for those who are working from home due to the pandemic.

Currently the Zoom App is being widely managed by small, medium and large work groups, seeking to always keep in touch to keep their daily work flow without interruption.

Admittedly, this tool has somewhat softened the stress generated by the “telecommuting”Because it allows a more human relationship to be able to interact virtually with the work team.

Download the Zoom App

The desktop version allows you to download Zoom for your computer or PC, Windows or Mac, in the same way, the App for mobile devices is available for download at iOS and Android.

However, people who use Zoom from their computer can enjoy more features, such as creating surveys, broadcast live from Facebook, start a local recording, and more.

Main Uses of Zoom

To begin with, it is important to clarify that the Zoom App can be used in your free version or in their paid versionsThen we will indicate their main uses in each one.

With the free plan we can organize unlimited individual meetings and, if it is in a group, you can do them for a maximum of 40 minutes with up to 100 participants maximum.

Now, if you have the paid version of Zoom called “big meeting”, Your meetings can have up to 500 participants, especially useful for large companies or press conferences.

Additionally, have the free version or paid version, Zoom offers the possibility of screen sharing, in other words, that those who are connected with you, see what you see.

Record video calls

One of the advantages that this App brings us is that we can record a meeting by Zoom or the video calls made to see them again later and get some important or pertinent information from it. You can even convert a Zoom recording to MP4 video format.

However, in order to do this, you must be the host or ask the host to enable recordings in their account settings before starting the meeting.

It should be noted that, the host can enable the option to record the video call for all or only some and decide if you want to record it on your device or in the cloud.

Use virtual funds

virtual backgrounds in Zoom

With the Zoom App, if you want to amuse your work team a bit or you simply don’t like the back of the room where you are, you can choose a virtual background.

If you use Zoom from a computer you just have to go to the side menu, click on the “Settings” icon and choose the option “Virtual background”To select the one you like.

Although Zoom offers its clients various virtual backgrounds it also gives them the option to choose and add an image saved on their computer if they prefer.

It is recommended, for a better experience and better results, to use a good camera and a green screen in the background, although this is not essential to use a background.

If you use Zoom from your Smartphone, once you have logged in, join the meeting, then locate the 3 dots icon, select “More” and finally “Virtual background”.

In addition to the backgrounds, Zoom has the option of touch up your appearance when you are on a video callTo do this, go to “Settings” and in the “Video” box, press “Retouch”.

This is especially necessary when you have had a bad day, or you have not had your morning coffee, be that as it may, the effect is very natural, smooth and flattering.

If in your meetings there is usually a lot of noise in the background of your calls, and you want them to be more professional, the Nvidia brand has very efficient AI software.

Basically, we just have to download the software and set it as the default input and output device within the application, it will immediately improve the quality of your meetings significantly.

There is no doubt that we can make the most of this video call web app; With Zoom we not only communicate but also enjoy the experience.