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How Can I Install WordPress on HostGator in an Easy and Simple Way

16 de February de 2022

When we think of creation, edition and design of web pages, the main platform we think of is WordPress, since it offers us a wide variety of tools and options for it. In addition, it is not necessary for a person to be an expert in codes and programming, since the platform itself has a design mode for those who do not know how to use it.

It is necessary to have a domain and hosting to download WordPress and we can create our site and it is precisely what we will be talking about today.

This is how you can create an account on HostGator

The hosting or also called web hosting is an online site in which web pages store all your information: photos, videos, registration forms, information and more. All internet pages have their server, which is the hosting, therefore, if we want to generate a web page, we will have to buy (or rent) a space.

HostGator is one of the best sites to rent web hosting, in addition to being compatible with old and recent versions to install WordPress in Spanish, being one of the best hosting for users.

Simply by entering the HostGator official website, you will already be able to see some of the payment plans and the services that this platform offers you; Of course, it is necessary that you register in it to be able to make the necessary rental of the hosting. Another important point of HostGator is that it offers you a free domain when you purchase any of its plans.

Domain Registration

The domain of a website is the name given to it and corresponds to the first section of a URL or web address; As we said at the beginning, hosting and a domain are necessary to install WordPress. Although it can be fully customizable according to our needs and what we want, both HostGator and WordPress itself can help us choose the domain with some of their recommendations.

Regarding the extension of the domain, the one that will be given to us by default is “.com”, but if we want another one, for example: “.net”, “.edu”, “.org”, we will have to buy it.

register your domain on hostgator

hosting plan

HostGator has a total of 4 hosting plans, all of them offer us a free domain for one year, unlimited professional email and free ssl certificate. The difference between them lies in the amount of storage space they offer us, from 5 GB (for small pages) to 75 GB (for large pages), and the number of domains and subdomains that we can host on the server.

Although it is possible to install WordPress on a local server and in this case, we would not have the need to rent hosting and we would only have to pay for the domain extension, it is not the most recommended. Since we would need a fairly powerful computer to be able to support the data traffic.

Follow these steps to install WordPress on HostGator from cPanel

The preliminary thing is to do what we have told you in the previous sections, create an account in HostGator and choose the hosting plan you want for your web page, the WordPress account will be created automatically when you install it in the hosting. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in with your HostGator account and password, then go to the “My Websites” option.
  2. In “List of sites” you will see several options, the one that interests us is “cPanel” so click on it.
  3. This action will open a new page, when it loads, go to the bottom of everything, to the options box that says “Softaculous Apps Installer”, inside you will see the WordPress icon and that is where you will click.
  4. It will redirect you to another page and right there, click on the “Install Now” option.
  5. Once the above is done, you will see what is necessary for the configuration of the WordPress with which you are going to work, that is: version of the platform, the protocol (http, https), the domain, name and description of the website, the language and more. important, establish username and password to enter WordPress.
  6. Once you have finished with this section, at the end you will click on “Install”, this process will take a few seconds. When finished, you will see all the information of your website as well as the link to enter as administrator of the site.

If you want to verify that the entire process has been done correctly, you just have to enter the link that HostGator puts you by default for the wordpress admin and once inside the latter, you click on “My blog” and then on “Visit the site”; in case everything went well, you will see your web page created (without content).

managing website with wordpress

This way you can configure WordPress and customize your page

WordPress turns out to be quite intuitive and simple even for beginners and novices in the area, as we said, it has two design modes for your website with codes and without codes. When installing WordPress on HostGator you will be able to choose a theme, however, if you do not choose any at the moment, nothing happens, since within WordPress itself you will be able to choose it and you will have more options (some of them paid).

The default language will come to you in Spanish, for any other tool such as post design, plugin installation, uploading multimedia files, publishing and any other setting, in the left panel you will have everything you need for it.