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How can I install Silverlight without Pipelight on Ubuntu Linux? – Fast and easy

16 de June de 2021

Technology has greatly improved our quality of life and has allowed us to enjoy multimedia content easily. Who does not like to enjoy a family with good movie or from some TV series or just a video from some website?

The truth is that having these ways of hanging out is incredible and all thanks to this great friend that we all have, who is the Internet. Without it, it would be impossible for us to access this content, however, if you are a user of the Ubuntu operating system, you will have noticed that many contents are not compatible for your pc.

This is a problem that many suffer and they think that it has no solution but that is a total falsehood, since you can enjoy any content on the network from Ubuntu. You simply have to apply a configuration to be able to enjoy it and we will show you how to do it with this article.

We will teach you how to install a program called Pipelight which is the one that will give you access to all the content of the network.

What is Pipelight?

It is true that most people do not use this tool, however, it is especially recommended for those who use their TV through the Internet, such as the video platform of ONO online, since they will need to have Microsoft software to be able to see and enjoy the videos correctly.

The problem in this case is that this software is not compatible with Ubuntu or any other Linux system at all, so it is necessary for users to look for alternatives.

And what better alternative if not the ones Pipelight offers you. Thanks to this application, you will have the opportunity to see all the online contents that are programmed in Silverlight without any problem in any of the Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu.

Pipelight is a compatibility layer that allows Windows plug-ins ie NPAPI plug-ins to be compatible or executable on Linux operating systems.

It is specifically based on a modified version of Wine. This layer is compatible with Silverlight, Flash Player, Unity 3D, and Widevine. It is worth mentioning that there is experimental support for plugins such as Shockwave.

This tool has a requirement that the browser you are going to use supports NPAPI plugins that browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox in version 52 they do not support. In case you have it but it is not up to date you can easily update Microsoft Silverlight

How to install Pipelight and use Silverlight on Ubuntu?

Silverlight microsoft logo white background

Although it is true that when speaking Ubuntu The first thing that comes to mind is a lot of code and also complex, however you will be surprised to know that the installation of Pipelight is quite simple. You must first learn how to download and install the latest version of Silverlight

This installation can be done through a PPA that is enabled for this effect, and to achieve it you simply have to use your keyboard and type the following commands in a terminal:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa: ehoover / compholio
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa: mqchael / pipelight
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install pipelight

Already when the Pipelight program installation has reached its end, you must close your browser and then open it again. Once you have carried out this action, when accessing any online content on the web that has this technology, the content will automatically be loaded without any problem and you will be able to enjoy it completely without any setback.

By default, web pages that use this type of content have a peculiarity. You will be able to see a small box from Microsoft where it will ask you as a requirement to install Silverlight.

However, after installing Pipelight, this box will no longer appear and you will be able to enjoy the web content of this page.

This application has helped many of its users to save a lot of time and especially work when installing and configuring manually, since Pipelight is a set of applications and configurations that Silverlight installs through Wine.

Thanks to the fact that Linux continues to grow, little by little new updates and alternatives are appearing to depend on other systems such as Windows. So if you are one of those people who see Silverlight content, having this Pipelight tool is absolutely essential if you want to see it from different systems.