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How are Messages Deleted in a Zoom Account? – Videoconferencing control

31 de October de 2021

Zoom is a platform that every day becomes more useful in daily life, since many people who are located in different parts need to connect to deal with important matters. In these meetings you can have participation as a speaker and you will also have a chat to talk with those present. But what if now you want to delete the messages. Here you will see

How to remove an entire conversation from a Zoom room?

Meetings in Zoom are generally not random calls, rather they are prepared in advance. One or more hosts are established that will control communication traffic during the meeting.

Within the powers that the host has, it is to enable or not certain functions. And make all the preparations that the activity requires. He will be in charge of the panelists being able to make their participation with all the audiovisual resources they need. And this is the objective, that the meetings are more dynamic and interactive.

One of the things the host handles is that they can set the conference to be able to participate via messages. These messages can be seen by all those summoned or they can be sent by the private to a particular user.

From PC

If you are connected through the website on a computer, and you want to delete the messages you sent, because with a few simple steps you can do it. Maybe you want to delete what you sent because you don’t think it is wise for them to stay there or you just made a mistake when writing and you don’t want them to see it.

The truth is that to delete the messages, you must first have the application installed on your computer. Then you must enter the conversation to which you want to delete the messages. You must choose the unwanted message and press it for a few seconds until “Remove from contacts” appears. This way you will have deleted the message, but if you want to delete more you must repeat this procedure with as many as you want.

On mobile

If you joined the Zoom meeting from mobile, steps don’t have much variation. What if you have to bear in mind that in order to do so, the administrator must first authorize these actions, since if he does not do it, you will not be able to do it.

If your administrator has enabled this feature, then you must locate the contact or conversation. When you are inside, select the message and click on the trash can to delete it. If you want to delete more than one message, you can do these simple steps again.

What should be done to delete messages from a private Zoom conversation?

On the platform you have two ways to send messages. The first are messages that can be read by all participants. The second way is, through private messages. These can only be viewed by the person you sent it to. To be able to delete the messages from a private conversation, you just have to repeat the steps that we already mentioned.

zoom on pc

Can a person find out that a message on Zoom was deleted?

If you are concerned about whether the person you sent the message to found out that you deleted it, as we have to tell you how message deletion works. If the person did not read the message, there is nothing to worry about, because they will neither see the content nor have a notification. But if the person has already read it and responded to the text, on their screen they will see that the message has been deleted and their responses will remain.

Where are Zoom deleted messages stored?

In Zoom there are two ways to archive messages, regardless of whether they are public or private, they can be stored in automatically or manually. You also have to know that the conversations that are archived on the device allow you to see public and private texts, but when they are stored in the cloud you can only see group messages.

How to remove a person from Zoom access to comments or ‘Chat’?

Sometimes when a meeting is taking place, some of the participants may disrespect the rules of a good listener and affect the performance of a panelist. Because of this, the administrator has the power to control all functions in the conference and disable comments to a person.