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Google Panda: What is it and how does it work in web positioning?

22 de February de 2022

Google panta is an update or a new version of the algorithm in charge of Google searches. The first version of this algorithm was launched during February 2011 and it was with the objective of maintaining a control between websites “poor quality” and “good quality” websites, as it penalized those sites that did not meet the standards.

The name of this algorithm was given because that is the name of its creator, a Google worker named Navneet Panda, this man was in charge of developing said technology so that the company could put this algorithm into operation. This algorithm was created in order to be able to optimize the quality of the results displayed in searches, as websites kept increasing and their content was of lower quality, but was this algorithm successful? And what were its advantages?

What is the Google Panda algorithm?

As already mentioned above google-panda it’s an update Added to improve Google searches, it was created by a company worker named Navneet Panda, hence its name. Launched during the month of February 2011, with the main objective of preventing the excessive spread of low-quality websites that were spreading before its appearance. After its launch, complaints were made on different websites and forums, as the changes in Google results were immediately noticed.

Some time before the launch of Google Panda, only a small portion of the websites that were launched had decent quality content, while the vast majority of websites left much to be desired in terms of quality and content.

Because his only goal was achieve a high position within the webb, they achieved this by using keywords and plagiarized content from other pages and authors, since they focused on writing content for specific keywords, thus achieving that the visits to their web pages will increase, which were full of advertising and with low value content.

Because this situation was spreading, the company decided to take action on the matter, thus launching the Google Panda algorithm in order to improve the content displayed in the results. Therefore, after this happened, websites would have to meet a series of requirements for their pages to be considered as valuable content and for them to obtain a good position in web searches. Thus, it must have original content, not copied or modified, and above all that it is of value to its consumers.

What advantages does Panda have for users and web pages?

Panda’s algorithm was created with the objective of filter those websites that do not contain valuable content, or that it is copied, for users in their results, and what does this mean? Well, those websites that only focus on generating basic content with the aim of filling it with advertising will no longer be present in the main search results. After the implementation of this new algorithm, many sites were affected, and they did not take long to claim.

However, not all were complaints. Well, just as the sites with low-value content were affected by this, the websites that do have valuable content managed to achieve a good position in searches.

One of the main advantages that Google Panda has is that it provides people with a good experience when searching, since it deals with finding those sites that do contain valuable information and discard those sites that do not meet the necessary parameters.

computer with google search

Another advantage is that by generating valuable content through web pages, and that their links are shared on other platforms such as the social network Facebook or Twitter by those who visit them, Panda will recognize this site as one of good quality, and It will make you rank better in user searches.

How can I know if my website is being analyzed by Google Panda?

It is important to note that Google does not notify its users about its analysis, nor does it warns about the penalties it exercises, so knowing if your web page has failed to comply with the parameters is not so simple. So, in the event that your web page has possibly been penalized by Google panda, or that you want to prevent this from happening in the future, it is necessary to learn to monitor changes in your web page, possible solutions are:

marketing consultancy

A method to follow that is very beneficial for your web page is to carry out a marketing consultancy, this with the objective of knowing the market and the public to which the page or website is directed, in order to have content that is of interest and achieve greater reach both in searches and in visits.

Frequent website audit

It is necessary to recognize what could be the reasons why Google could have sanctioned your web page or for which it could sanction it in the future. To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the web page by sections, looking for possible problems in each of these, to then apply the necessary solutions

. slide with analysis

test to make sure

In order to help its affected users and publishers understand more clearly what is taken into account for a website to be taken as one with valuable and quality content, the company provides a self-assessment through a notice on the blog. In this test users will be able to get 23 keys to understand what is taken as a quality website? And thus be able to improve on the points that could be failing.