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Fix: ‘Zoom Stays Connected, Starting and Not Responding’

18 de May de 2021

For many, the pandemic has meant a return to class methods not seen since the H1n1 pandemic. That is why every day that passes, more and more people start to use new methods for teaching and communicate with the members of their work environment.

One way to do this is with a zoom call, although these can present some problems. Yes Zoom stays connected, starting or not responding, it is important that you read this guide.

What is Zoom? What does it work for?

Zoom is a tool that was created by a company of the same name in San José, California, by national Eric Yuan. This application has proven to be of great importance in the face of Covid-19 adversity and its restrictions to communicate in physical spaces.

Faced with the demand for digital spaces through which people could communicate instantly and securely, Zoom was born. The company was founded in 2011, however, it is not until today that it can see its fruits. Today, Zoom It is the default platform for teachers to teach.

Its functionality is based on allowing users to create videoconference rooms, which facilitate the opening of forums and classes, since the group administrator has strict control over who speaks and who does not. Zoom is available on many platforms, so you can download the Zoom App for video calls being able to make video calls and meetings from the app, creating conference rooms for free.

If you want to use the App from the website, you must access the official website of Zoom, inc. This allows you to join several rooms to make video calls easily and from the comfort of your computer.

What problems and errors can happen with Zoom?

Well, the main problem with this application is that sells much of the data that traffics on their servers to the mega-data companies in China. However, it continues to provide a very stable service. However, several users are dissatisfied with this.

Also, Zoom has presented several security leaks. This is harmful, as the passwords of hundreds of thousands of accounts were stolen by groups of hackers. If you are used to using technological devices, you will know that many people use the same passwords on various sites. That is why it is very important that if you were using this app when that happened, you change your access code on various websites, including your bank.

Given this, Zoom had a very clear answer, which involved the creation of a new type of paid account, called Commercial Zoom. If you have one of these accounts, you can choose the option that your calls are not interfered with by third-party organizations that seek to capture data legally in your calls, which is one of the conditions of use of the site.

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Solution: ‘Zoom stays connected, starting and does not respond’ What do I do if this happens?

This It’s a very common mistake, and it is almost always caused by some problem that exists between your internet connection and the Zoom server. Here we will list some of the most common reasons why this problem happens.

The first would be an unstable connection. If you go to your modem, which is the device that receives internet from the telephone company, and you see that it has a red light, you must restart it so that you can have internet again. It is also very possible that your internet is very slow, so you must make sure that your Wifi has a password, and that no one is downloading files in it.

Last but not least, you may the Cache memory of your Zoom application is at its maximum. That is why you must go to the app settings and erase all temporary data, so that it is completely reset and allows you to access the call. However, almost always the best solution to the problem is to give the internet 5 minutes to establish a good connection and try again.