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Fix: ‘File Has No Audio or Video Streams’ in Premiere

16 de June de 2021

The world of editing has become a field that not only professionals can venture into, Adobe Premiere makes your life a little easier and allows you to start in this world if you are just a hobbyist. Here we will show you how fix ‘The file has no audio or video streams’ in Premiere.

As if they were the pieces of a puzzle you want to put together, Premiere lets you allows you to organize your ideas at the time of obtaining a result. And although it seems quite simple, there are many choices that must be taken into account when editing. Premiere makes that possible if you decide to sign up!

What is Adobe Premiere?

It is a fairly simple video editor to handle, consisting of software and an interface which you can customize. In the same way, it is divided into sections or work rooms that go from a timeline that facilitates the counting of the seconds in the audio to the insertion of effects.

Also this program allows the editing of several video clips at the same time, without distorting the audio and the image for what makes it the favorite of the audience. It is closely linked with After Effects which is an audiovisual design program that allows the movement of graphics.

Equally contains animated schematicss evidenced in its famous templates that allow you to use After Effects images and be exported without reducing their weight.

How to fix: ‘The file has no audio or video streams’?

This message is a most frequent error than we believe especially when we edit videos in Mov format.

First of all we will download the QuickTime program, we proceed to install it by clicking next and select the ‘Typical’ option.

After the installation we go to the Adobe Premiere program and we select the ‘Edition’ window, we are located in ‘Preferences’ and later in ‘Media cache’. In the window that is displayed we look for the tab ‘Delete unused’ we click and close the program.

Again you open it and import a video of your choice, drag it to the timeline and voila this tedious message from ‘The file has no audio or video streams’ it shouldn’t appear again.

Other Adobe Premiere features

This software is allied with Creative Cloud making it easy to transfer files and storage in this cloud. It also allows you the synchronization with other editing programs like sony Vegas and Avid.

As if this were not enough, you have at your disposal the rendering option that makes it easier for you to maintain balance and a pact of friends between the weight and quality of the video.

In the same way it helps you crop and zoom to the segment of the video you want, as well as to make a scene detection automatically.

Has available effects like play a video in reverse and insert overlapping layers that make work easier when editing.

If lighting was not your ally, you immediately have in the toolbox the option to adjust color advanced either increasing or decreasing the brightness and saturation, all this according to your preference,

Premiere vs Filmora

This comparison always it will depend on your tastes and your knowledge of these types of programs, but today we will give you a review of these two wonderful software.

solution the file does not have audio or video streams in premiere for desktop

Filmora when editing it’s quite simple since it has a lot of templates, preset images, intros and even some songs. But consequently it may be quite tedious when exporting due to annoying watermarks.

However Premiere is much more professional since it allows you to edit your videos in a more personal way, such as if you need audios to be played more on one side than on the other, this program is the one.

Still Adobe it’s much slower than Filmora but everything will depend on the ability, skill and time you have with the program.