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Convert Browser Bar to Music Visualizer – App

24 de July de 2021

Phones are always the ideal companion to hang out, whether it’s simply watching entertaining videos on apps like YouTube, or listening to music on apps like Spotify, or even downloaded with different apps. But power is always good customize applications and operating system so that it has a more personal and own touch. There are several applications that allow you to change different aspects of the device.

Although in this case the applications that work as music visualizers are very varied, ranging from just showing the visualization of sounds in the application until running in the background on the screenEither the normal screen or the lock screen. It is also good to analyze how music viewer applications work and what is necessary for phones to be able to use them.

How does Muviz work for syncing with music playback?

This application requires totally secure special permissions, but they are very necessary due to its nature, the application is synchronized with various music apps and sounds to provide an interesting and entertaining audiovisual experience, working with catalogs of popular applications or the internal music catalog of the phone memory, either the internal memory or an external memory or SD in case the music is stored there .

In the application there is an exclusive catalog for the Pro version of the same, which has a cost of $ 2.49 and gives the ability to select any existing design that is available, it is not something totally necessary but very useful at the time of giving more spark to the display. The app also grants the option to create and / or edit new designs for a much higher level of customization and style.

Audio recording

When you download this application you must accept four permissions the first is to record audio, this allow you to access the audio that your phone is playing. Of course, in their privacy policy they mention that they do not store any type of data that is related to audio.

Overlay settings

Another of the permissions that you must grant is the overlay, basically you will accept that this application can be superimposed on other applications to be able to show the animations you have selected and get all the magic of these visualizations.

Spotify and YouTube viewer

Muviz is used to add visualizations to songs while you are playing them, in addition to it’s free it’s compatible with music players As important as Spotify and YouTube, you only have to accept the permissions for the application to work with these players.

Applications and viewers

In the Play Store there is a infinite applications for all kinds of uses, the most famous are the conventional social networks and the most famous games, whose biggest examples respectively speaking are YouTube or Instagram, Spotify and Twitter and games like Clash of Clans, Minecraft and Among Us more recently.

But there are also very useless applications that can fill the device’s memory unnecessarily, so you have to select wisely which applications to use or learn to free up the phone’s space, and in the case of music and sound visualizers it is even more important. , as there are too many apps that just show nonsensical patterns and in some cases without any visual style.

Or in the worst case, they only show them inside the application where music is listened to without options to see it outside, so applications that allow you to see it in the navigation bar are very scarce, but it does not mean that they have not.

The best app for the navigation bar

This apps is, in a way, almost pioneer in its style, obviously the music and sound visualizers are as old as software like Windows xp and programs like Ares, but the option to see it in the wallpaper without interrupting the normal use of the phone, and of these the most popular and the best of all is a called “Muviz” created by Sparkine Labs.

app play store image

This free app contains a large catalog of designs to use in the navigation bar, either a physical bar of touch buttons or a bar built into the device screen, and also contains an option to show the visualizer designs in the notification bar.

Now Muviz is a very interesting app full of quirky and amazing opportunities and designs, but there is also another app that not only displays the sound waves and fancy layouts in the navigation bar but on the edges of the full screen, and it was also created by Sparkine Labs, being in a way Muviz’s sister app, Muviz Edge.

Differences between both applications

A difference that is noticeable at first glance is the scope of both applications, while Muviz only shows the designs in the lower navigation bar or in the upper notification bar, its twinned application Muviz Edge shows designs in all four corners of the phone mobile, it has a more conservative catalog, but a system that allows you to use the colors of the cover of the album you are listening to.