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(Cannibalization) How to upload multiple photos in a single Instagram story?

26 de July de 2022

Instagram stories are one of the most used features on the social network. For some, it is not enough to upload one photo at a time, but they seek to place more photos in their stories. But how to put or upload multiple photos in the same Instagram story.

Keep reading this article and find out how to do it. Step by step we will explain simple, easy and without tricks to achieve multiple photos in the same Instagram story.

Social networks have undoubtedly allowed a great advance on the internet, thus allowing the existence of new media of social interactionwhere each of the users is part, in such a way that we can create various contents and share them with other people.

They have changed the world in such a way that children, adolescents, and adults use these networks to interact with close people, and distant relatives, providing great ease when doing so, although some networks are more manageable than others.

What has not changed at all is that maintain their communicational essence, In this way we can see that there are different networks and their purposes are also varied, that is, they do not all have the same objective to fulfill, we can say that the great diversity has somehow taken over these virtual communication tools.

Instagram offers you the opportunity to share what you feel and think in the Stories function, this through an image or video. To the stories you can add music, stickers and many other objects which will help you convey an idea of ​​what you want to express. Instagram stories are a way to share moments with your followers, if you want publish these moments in a single photoyou can do it, next, we will tell you how to achieve it.

What benefits and tools does Instagram give to its users?

Without a doubt, Instagram in its evolution since its launch has become a social network of photographs par excellencethus granting it a communicational and therefore emotional power, positioning itself as one of the best in the world.

His way of presenting the information has had a great change, since the change of format in the videos to the photography, in such a way that fanatic users give their acceptance to these variants.

Within its functions we have image editing, its use is simple, but it can give professional touches to imageswhich will allow us to offer content of higher visual quality to viewers in our feed, Instagram also allows us to Zoom in on each image we find, to be able to observe in more detail and characteristics.

It also presents us with the option of uploading videos to our Instagram gallery, the application wanted to go further by innovating with this tool, initially it allowed us to include videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds, but now it gives us the space to do it in 60 seconds for a greater comfort.

Of course the Instagram stories have been one of the favorite options by fans and users, for our benefit we can add images and videos with a duration of 24 hours, we can also view the stories anonymously, this option can also be applied by programming our publications with other applications.

It is noteworthy to mention the Instagram lives function, it allows us share a video in real time with our followers, with the ability that at the end of the live it will no longer be visible to everyone.

We must take into account the positive and negative things about Instagramas well as, of all the social networks and applications that we use daily, one of the advantages is that it is totally free, so when users look for photo applications, this is one of the first on the list.

same cIt has multiple editing options within it, thus satisfying the needs of users. The best thing is how easy it is to handle, it is one of its most outstanding features, so it can reach many more people without complexity.

instagram account

we can block accounts with which we do not feel comfortable, unlike other applications that do not allow us to do so. Among the cons, we can say that one of its biggest disadvantages is the editing part in its web version on computers, unlike on mobile devices that do allow you to perform the necessary functions to upload and edit a file.

And other problems for the employer public is the lack of privacysince the application does not allow us to select to whom we want to show our content and to whom we do not.

Why should you put multiple photos in the same Instagram story?

If you want to express two photographic ideas in just one element, Instagram gives you the option to do so, allowing you to place two moments in a single story different, in order to improve your performance in the application.

share story with overlay images

improve a design

The design of the photo is one of the things that will attract attention in your story, added to the editing or application of effects. If you add two photos to your new creation it will give you a unique and diverse design, will make everyone love your new story.

share two moments

Adding two photos in the same montage will help you share two moments in the same story. By using this option you will have many views on your stories posts. In addition, you can also share the story on another platform.

How to put two or more photos in the same Instagram story?

Instagram within its innovative options, now we allows you to add up to 6 photos in a single story, to perform this function it is extremely simple, we just have to open our Instagram, we can create an account if we do not have it, and then we press our profile picture to publish a story.

When the camera option appears, we must press the ”layout” option where a template with several spaces will open free where our photos will go, selected from the gallery or simply taken at the moment, and that’s it. Now we can upload two photos to a single Instagram story.

Using an Android device

We will show you the steps you must follow if you want to upload more than two photos in your Instagram stories, but remember that you will have a maximum of 10 images. To start, of course, you will need to enter the Instagram App from your smartphone.

Once inside the application you must go to the upper left part of your screen, there you will find your profile image and click on it. this action will open your camera for you to take a selfie, in the case of not doing so, you can then go to your gallery. To do this, slide from the bottom up and the images you have in it will be displayed.

To select the image you want to upload in your story you just have to press and hold, then you will be asked to select the next image. Select all you want you can even choose videos, but remember that the limit is 10 photos. Once you have finished your choice, you must click on the ‘Next’ option.

You will be offered the option that you can include emojis, text or Stickers, after this step press the ‘Next’ option. Now you will be taken to a new window and in it you must press the ‘Share’ button next to the ‘Your story’ option. And so in this way you have uploaded 10 images in your Instagram stories in a very simple and fast way.

Through an iPhone mobile

In the event that you have an iPhone, you will carry out steps very similar to those presented in the case of users who have Android phones. The first step will of course consist of clicking on the Instagram App icon to enter it. Next you’re going to go to your profile picture and click on itthis will open the rear camera of your mobile.

instagram mobile

This is for you to take the photos you want, in the case of wanting to upload a photo that is in the gallery you must enter it. For this you only have to swipe on your screen from the bottom to the top and the photos will be displayed. To choose them you must click on the image and hold until you are prompted to choose the next photo.

You must repeat this process up to 10 times maximum, the next step is to click on the ‘Next’ button. You will be taken to a window where you will include text or you can select Stickers or emojis, then click ‘Next’. To upload the images in your stories and finish the process you must click on the share option that is next to ‘Your stories’

Is it possible to upload more than 10 images in the same Instagram story?

As we have already seen throughout this article, Instagram allows you not only to upload one or two images in the same story. It is also possible to upload up to 10 images, something that for many may seem impossible. But we must remember that since the appearance of this social network until now, important changes have been made to the platform.

And one of them has to do with the real possibility of uploading several images in the same story without major inconveniences. But this will be a maximum of 10 images that you can upload, but to be able to carry out this company that for some can be a bit confusing. We suggest you follow this short guide to upload multiple images to your Instagram stories.


What apps can I use to upload multiple photos in the same Instagram story?

As with many users, they are not convinced by the quality with which upload your photos or videos in Instagram stories and they want these to have another level. And in order to achieve this, they make use of external applications, which can offer you a wide variety of functions and effects that you will surely want to include in your photos.

In the market you can find a lot of excellent applications that will allow you to upload high quality images. In addition to including the effects that you like the most to surprise your contacts and friends. Here we will talk about two very useful and versatile tools that you can use to upload images to your Instagram stories.


Here we offer you a fantastic mobile application that you can download for free from the Google virtual store. And it is about Layout an App with which you can make creative images that you will later share with your friends in your stories. And this thanks to its multiple functions that will allow you to customize your photos as you like.

Using this application is extremely simple, since its interface is very intuitive, and you also have two ways to use it. Select an image from your image gallery and edit it using the different filters it offers you. EITHER you can make use of the ‘Photo Booth’ with which you can take a photo at the moment and you will see a collage of all possible combinations.

instagram mobile woman

tool kit

Another novel option that you can use to upload photos to your Instagram stories is Toolkit, it is a tool that will allow you to do everything. As for of course the edits you can make to your photos and videos. Where you can make amazing photo collages, create a slider photo or use the different fonts of various designs for your bios.