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(Cannibalization) How to disable automatic login on Instagram? – Android, iPhone and PC

31 de July de 2022

Security within Instagram It is very essential if you are followed by a large number of people. When a person within Instagram becomes popular, it is very important that they protect their account much more than before. This way you will prevent other people from accessing it to make memes or to post inappropriate things.

One way to protect your Instagram account is to remove the login automatically. We will explain shortly how to remove login automatically, how to close all Instagram sessions if you are remote. In addition, we will also explain how to enable Instagram login alerts.

Since its release until today, the Instagram application has become one of the best apps when it comes to sharing posts or stories. But not only that, thanks to this, many people can use the filters with which they edit a large number of photos on a daily basis. But in this tutorial we are going to teach you one of the most important things and that is about him sign out of your account and how you can view the activity log to make sure no one else uses your account.

How can I save my access data on Instagram from my mobile or PC?

So you can see the Data of login to your account of Instagram you just have to enter the application regardless of whether your phone is Android or iPhone. Then you are going to enter your profile picture and in the same way you are going to touch the 3 lines that are at the top of the screen.

You will go to the configuration and click on security and then you will enter access to data. Here you will have to tap to see everything and you will be able to visualize all the data that is on your Instagram.

Why is it important to keep track of my logins and access to Instagram?

With the auto login, whenever you enter the Instagram application, your Instagram account will automatically start. This will make it much easier for anyone who picks up your phone to go through your entire profile and upload whatever they want.

The only way to prevent this from happening is disabling automatic login On Instagram. In this way you will have in your hands all the access control to be able to use the account, since it will have to be accessed from a single place.

instagram login

Steps to remove automatic login on my Instagram account

what you must do so no one can enter freely in the account is to remove that Instagram account from the mobile application and log back in. Or else you can employ the following process:

  • Go to your Instagram profile, click on the three stripes icon and look for an option called ‘Settings’.
  • Now, go to the bottom of all the options within ‘Settings’ and choose the one that says ‘Exit’.
  • When you click on exit, you will be shown a window asking you to Exit Instagram?, where a box is checked that says Remember me login information? To override automatic login to your Instagram account, uncheck this box and press the ‘Logout’ button.

To the override auto login Absolutely no one can enter your Instagram account, only you who know the password. This is not the only option that you can disable on Instagram, there are options like dark mode that you can disable during the day or whenever you want.

All the aforementioned process It can be used from all devices. It can even be used in the case of those who use Instagram Web on their computer as well.

How to activate unknown login alerts on my Instagram?

Another way to protect your Instagram account is turning on login notifications. So when a person accesses the account, they will check if it is an unauthorized login. This function is activated by entering your Instagram account, then positioning yourself in your profile and entering ‘Settings’.

Finally, find the ‘Notifications’ section and turn on ‘Push Notifications’. With this, whenever someone enters your account you will receive a notification to your cell phone and also to your ‘Email’. In case you didn’t know, the best way to enjoy all instagram features is using the normal app and uninstalling the beta version.

How to access my Instagram login records?

In order for you to see the record of your Instagram login, you should not do anything difficult, you will only enter the Instagram application. Then you will touch on your profile picture that is at the bottom of the screen. When you are in your profile, click on the three points in the upper corner.

Then you must enter ‘Settings’, now go to ‘Security’ and touch on this tab. There are a number of options here from which you will select the ‘Activity and Login’ option. You will be able see in its devices you’ve signed in and the hours you have done it and if there is an open session on any other device at this time.

Procedure to close an unknown session on my Instagram remotely

To protect as much as possible instagram account security Of all people, the developers of the platform enabled remote logout. Thanks to this function you can close all the sessions that you have started on another device. Let’s see how to close all Instagram sessions from computers and phones:

iphone with instagram

With your Windows PC or Mac

From the computers, the whole process for close each session that you have started is very simple. First, you have to log into your Instagram account, go to ‘Settings’, go to ‘Security’ and look for an option called ‘Login Activity’.

Once you are there, within the ‘Login Activity’ section, you will see each of the sessions you have logged in. To close any of these press the icon of the three points that is to the right of the username and choose the option that says sign out. Doing this will log you out of Instagram no matter who is using the account at the time.

From your iPhone or Android

From the app on an Android or iPhone device, you must go into ‘Settings’, go to ‘Security’ and enter a section called ‘Login activity’. in there you will see the list of all devices in which you are logged in.

android mobile

When you want to close these sessions, press the three dots icon that is to the right of the indicated session and click where it says ‘Logout’. When you finish closing those Instagram sessions you want, you can safely use your Instagram account and use its most popular features such as creating Reels or posting stories.

How can I permanently delete my access data to my Instagram account?


On the other hand, if you are used to using the Instagram application from your phone and want to disable this option for greater security in your account we will also show you how you can remove this option.

On your Android mobile

If the phone you use to browse Instagram is Android, you have to enter the Instagram application and on the main screen of the app you will touch the profile photo that is at the bottom of the screen to enter your Instagram profile.

Now in this new section you have to tap on the three points that are on the right side and you will enter ‘Settings’. Then you will only go to the end of this menu and click on ‘Exit’. An emergency window will appear with an announcement, this notice will have a box which will be checked and you you have to uncheck it. Then if you can proceed to leave.

with your iPhone

From your iPhone it is also quite easy to do this because you have to carry out the same steps that we indicate with the Android system. This application is almost identical to the one on Android and only some details change, but in this case there is no change that alters the process and you will be able to log out of your Instagram.