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Can Etsy be used in Spain? – International Coverage Countries

19 de April de 2022

Etsy is a type of store that sells a wide variety of unique, vintage, and craft items. This page works in a similar way to Google services, in reference to the totally online article exits, managing to visualize the best products and user elements worldwide. Noted for the sale of totally handmade works and with buyers from all over the planet. Therefore, in this statement we will show you the elements to use Etsy in Spain.

How to get Etsy for my cell phone?

If you want to locate this store on your mobile device, below we will show you how to download the app on the application platforms corresponding to your phone system.

With an Android device

First, you will go to the Play Store and put the name of the Etsy app in the search engine. Next, click on install and wait until the download finishes. If you already have this application on your Android phone, confirm that it is updatedso you can enjoy all the functions.

If you want to distribute products on this platform, we suggest you download the Sell Etsy app on the Play Store. It was created as an exclusive mobile system for merchants on devices running Android 5.0 and above.

With it you can find particular items by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, located at the top, specifically on the right of your screen. Also, if you see the advertisement of a product that you like, you must touch the ‘Add to cart’ elementand thus start processing the order.

The Android app will allow you to observe recommended works about you, merchandise categorized by the Etsy platform, even your own movements. In addition, the local system allows you to view vendors who come to sell items near your area or area.

on my iPhone

First of all, on your mobile device you will go to the App Store and enter the term ‘Etsy’ in the search engine. If you already had that app on your iPhone or iPad, we suggest you make sure it has the most recent update, so you can enjoy all its benefits.

etsy app logo

If you would like to sell items on this platform, we recommend downloading the Etsy Selling app. Developed for mobiles with iOS 10.3 system and higher models. It is an exclusive cellular service on merchants or sellers. On your iPhone device you will see the app distributed as follows:

  • The panel. You will see the summary of your undisplayed messages, statistics, product orders and ads in the fastest way.
  • Activity. It shows when the store or the articles are selected as favorites, the orders acquired, the new comments and reviews.
  • The statistics. Category that enables detailed information about adsfuture customers, traffic, in order to provide assistance to take advantage of your store in its entirety.
  • The orders. This section is distributed in open and finished. There, you can complete sales, add tracking data, print income, communicate with the interested customer, among others.

How to find Spanish shops on Etsy?

If you want to locate Spanish online businesses in this application, we suggest you first go to the Etsy platform search engine on your mobile device. Then type ‘Made in Spain’ and a variety of stores of that origin should appear on your screen.

Another alternative is to put the country of Spain in the configuration update. Thus, only Spanish online bazaars will appear in the Etsy app.

etsy platform online store

How to sell in the USA from Spain with Etsy?

First of all, we recommend that you create a user in this application if you don’t already have one. Then you will place the location of your store, to facilitate the sale of your products online as it occurs on large platforms, like that of AliExpress.

Next, specify the currency, select a title with the intention of the bazaar, create an ad and set a payment method. Finally, choose a billing method, that is, how you would like to pay the Etsy platform fees.

Another option is to offer international shipments, it is a way to open yourself up to future clients, regardless of whether you are a new merchant or if you have been in the market for years.

When interested people from abroad search the Etsy app, most of the time they select to view products that ship to their country. By providing international shipping, they will also see your items. To make sure that you are in the foreign explorations, set rates to the countries to which you like to send your products.

etsy website

Dispatch Profiles are an easy way to adjust international shipping, allowing you to quickly update multiple listings with similar shipping costs. When you modify an international dispatch profile, you can renew all the corresponding notices with the dynamic edition element.

Another alternative is to fill in the location in your profile. This data allows users to locate you and gives the consumer a clearer picture of how long it will take for their item to arrive at their home. Also, we suggest you add the sizes and weights in the measurement system. Besides, develops clear rules on international shipments in your product policies. Thus, you will provide confidence and security to the buyer that his package will arrive.