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Binary Files What are they and what types of encoded computer documents are there?

19 de June de 2021

The computers and electronic devices that have become a vital part of many lives. But many times we overlook what makes these computers work properly. That is why today we teach you about binary files, what are they and what types of encoded computer documents are there, and so you know more about the operation of your computer.

What are binary files?

Surely at some point in our lives we have come to hear a little about him binary language and binary files. But, as it is not a very named aspect of computers, it is normal that we were not interested in knowing more about them. But the truth is that it is worth knowing what they are and what they are for, because a little knowledge is never too much in our lives.

Binary files are those that are responsible for storing information in binary language. Binary language, so to speak, is a bunch of ones and zeros that are the life and soul of a computer, and only the computer can understand them. You could, for example, write your name in binary code, or anything else, as it is a language like any other.

This is why these files are so important. These they store all the information of the computer: images, spreadsheets, videos, documents, different programs, among other factors.

How do binary files work?

It may sound a bit complicated in operation, but it is actually not that difficult to understand. In a simple way, the binary language uses the characters one and zero to indicate an on and off, respectively.

The computer, which is the only one that can understand this language, compiles all this information, translates it and executes it in such a way that the user can understand it correctly.

And, although normally binary files They are not in sight so as not to be manipulated, there are some that are. In this way, whoever is using the computer can see and run them if they wish.

What types of encrypted computer documents are there?

Since each computer is used for different tasks, it is normal to understand that there are different types of encrypted computer documents.

Here is a list of the different types of encrypted computer documents and their characteristics, which are:

  • aab: this binary file extension is the one that supports the Android application package and allows them to be loaded in dynamic load. It can be manipulated with the Android Studio program once you have installed them on your Windows, Linux or Mac PC.
  • 264: this extension contains the data of RAW videos, and can be opened from the camera or with other tools. It can be manipulated with the Alcatel Speed ​​Touch DSL program.
  • bny – can easily be found in various Windows programs, and it is a data file. It is manipulated with the Binary II Format program.
  • akm: this allows you to use the English keyboard to send messages or write in the Indian language, and can be used with the Aksharamala Keymap program.
  • bsave: allows you to control the viewing of videos and copy the RAM memory into a binary file. You must take this into account when changing your PC’s RAM memory modules. It can be manipulated with the Quickbasic BLOAD / BSAVE Format program.
  • x3db: allows the execution of extensible 3D files and can be manipulated with the help of the X3D Binary program.
  • uhs: works as an administrator for the operation of compressed files, and can be manipulated with the help of the Universal Hint System.

Computer documents encoded in binary

Although these are just some of the binary file extensions, there are many more and we encourage you to investigate what they are. In this way, if you find one on your computer, you will know what it is for and how to use it.

We hope that this information can be useful to you and that you can now know more about your computer. If you are interested in knowing more about the history of binary codes, we recommend that you learn a little about what a tabulator machine is and what it is for. It is a very interesting topic!